Lighthouse in Niechorze

The Lighthouse in Niechorze – built over 130 years ago, the light of which can still be seen from a distance of 36 km. Numerous events take place in the field at the foot of the lighthouse, including stage performances.

Pier in Niechorze

The walking pier in Niechorze is one of the most famous attractions. Sunsets attract crowds of tourists who want to admire the sea bathed in sunlight. Here you can feel the sea breeze.

Fisheries Museum

The Fisheries Museum is a museum whose exhibitions of Baltic fishing show the specificity of the fisherman’s profession and present a piece of Pomeranian culture. The museum is located on the main walking route of Niechorze.

Retro choo-choo train on the coast

One of the attractions of the Rewal coast was and will be the narrow-gauge railway. The seaside narrow-gauge railway is well over 100 years old. The historic steam engine and old carriages add to the charm of the wonderful route that runs through the resorts of Pomerania.

Viewing promenade

The viewing promenade in Rewal is a terrace protruding into the beach. This is where tourists gather, watching and relaxing with the sea view. There is also a recreational area along the promenade with numerous gift shops.

Ruins of the church in Trzęsacz

At a distance of 8 km from Niechorze there are unique remains of the walls of a Gothic church from the turn of the 14th / 15th century. The church was built 2 km from the shore, currently its only wall remains right on the seashore.

Sport complex

In Niechorze there is a sports and recreation complex with a professional gym, a sports hall, a full-size playground with a natural surface, a court with an artificial surface, 4 tennis courts and 2 multifunctional ones with a tartan surface.

Paragliders on the cliff

There is a great place to practice paragliding between Rewal and Trzęsacz. It is an open cliff from which, in favorable winds from the sea, you can watch or try your strength on a paraglider.